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Bio Diesel  fuel stations provide a fully automated fuelling experience and hence delight the customer in every possible way.

BLUE SUN Fuelling Advantage

Enviornmental Impact

Biodiesel has reduced exhaust emissions compared to petroleum diesel fuel. This bio fuel is being seen as an alternative to reduce several of our environmental concerns.

Sale and Distribution

Biodiesel that is legally registered with the Environmental Protection Agency is a legal motor fuel for sale and distribution.

Quality assurance

Biodiesel quality is Governed by ASTM D 6751quality parameters.


It is safer than petroleum diesel because it is less combustible. Biodiesel is safe to handle, store, and transport.

Loyalty and amenities

Rewards users as per their consumption, provides priority to high volume users. Multiple amenities for customer convenience.

Tax Benefits

Biodiesel falls within the 12% GST. Good savings on this from the GST set-off.

Prepare to experience customer service like you've never seen before.

BLUE SUN BIO DIESEL : “Go ahead take a step towards cleaner and greener tomorrow” Biodiesel as a fuel not only helps reducing the pollution, reduces health hazards, protecting our society from the regular pollution caused by petroleum fuels.

Easy to Use

Bio Diesel can be used in existing engines, vehicles and infrastructure with practically no change.Biodiesel can be pumped, stored and burned just like petroleum diesel fuel.

Power & Performance

The degree to which fuel provides proper lubrication is its lubricity. Biodiesel provides excellent lubricity to the fuel injection system.

Benefits of BIODIESEL

  • It is Grown, Produced and Distributed Locally.
  • Biodiesel can improve energy security wherever it is produced in several ways.
  • Non – Toxic.

Win - Win Situation

A Win-Win situation is one in which all the participants can profit from it in one way or the other.For instance here the Biodiesel Producer and the Farmer can both earn profit and continue to oprate in a successful.